Monday, June 06, 2011

Tennessee’s Grassroots embrace American’s Religious Heritage

…WHEREAS, throughout America's rich history, both the citizenry and their elected officials alike have deeply respected the Ten Commandments, its profound influence on the formation of American legal thought, and its fundamental place in the history of law and government as a whole…

BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the 107th General Assembly of the state of Tennessee, that this body hereby urges all Tennessee counties to allow the Ten Commandments to be posted in their respective courthouses.
The State of Tennessee has passed a resolution following 90percent of its counties, which have already adopted their own resolutions asserting that America, contrary to president Barry Hussein Soetoro’s beliefs, is still a Christian nation and owes its conception and growth to founding Christian principles. The state lawmakers of Tennessee passed a resolution 98-0 that recognizes the Ten Commandments and the Creator as the basis for American government. (see article)

This apparent grassroots rejection of the president’s blatant attempt to mitigate Christian influence in this country is surprising particularly when media and government have combined fundamentally to change the historical record showing the primary role that Christianity has had in the founding of this nation. Current efforts had successfully thwarted any government agency from acknowledging America’s historical relationship with the Ten Commandments.

Worldnetdaily’s Drew Zahn reports that Tennessee’s State Representative Todd Watson, author of the resolution, explains in its text, "It is imperative that these revered tablets continue to grace our public buildings, as reminders to this generation and the next of the vital role the Ten Commandments and its Author have played in shaping our great republic." (Resolution below)

Tennessee Ten Commandment Resolution

I never would have imagined Tennessee at the forefront of what has become Civil War II, the battle between the Right and the Left for the soul of America. Yet a simple resolution that states the historical truth, the Ten Commandments is and always has been a vital part of the American experience, is a push back from the Right to the president and the Progressive Left.

This push back certainly will elicit a declaration of war from the Progressive Left. We will certainly keep our attentions focused on media’s and government’s certain to come lash back at the state of Tennessee as they did to Arizona when Arizona dared to enforce Constitutional immigration policies that the media and government are attempting to fundamentally change.

This could be a strong indication that Tennessee’s 2012 eleven (11) electoral votes will be counted for the Party that best represents the historical Constitutional America.

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