Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Weiner: Rude, Lewd and Screwed

Pre-Toby McGwire spider bite Anthony Weiner

After I got over the pre-spider bite Toby McGwire picture of Congressman Anthony Weiner, I suddenly felt sad for America. I thought, ‘has it really come to this America?’ No longer can sensible Americans consider the facts of an event and come to a reasonable and rational conclusion of those facts. We now have to wait for verification of what we should already know to be true from a person who is involved in the event and who it may be in his or her interest to skew the facts. (see story)

This person may or may not be truthful about the events depending upon how much control they have over the evidence. It is fortunate for us that the Congressman did not have complete control of the evidence or we would be debating for years the preposterous notion that some Republican operative hacked into the twitter account of Anthony Weiner and sent pictures meant to defame him.

Yes, it is indeed sad that we cannot as Americans agree on objective facts any longer. Everything is colored by partisanship. We now accept that New York Congressman Anthony Weiner did send the lewd tweet of his gray clod “little weiner” because the congressman confessed under duress of more pictures of like kind coming out and definitely showing the congressman in various poses and in relative degrees of undress working hard for his constituency.

Sadly today if a suspect says he, ‘did not have sex with that woman…Ms. Lewinsky’, there are those partisans among us that will defend to the death the liar even if he still had Ms. Lewinsky’s panties stretched around his head and we had the blue dress with “the evidence” in our possession.

So for you Barbara Walter types who believe that Congressman Weiner took over two hundred pictures and sent them to six other women over the internet for his wife, Huma here is irrefutable proof. And for you types who still believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming even when scientists say that there has not been Global warming since 1998, here is Congressman Weiner admitting that the picture of his “little weiner” is in fact him. And he did send the picture of himself over twitter. (see 1:54min video)

I must admit that watching this whole fiasco unfold was like going through a Seven Step program with Congressman Weiner. As I see it, Weiner has already gone through and is going through the following phases.

1… Denial: He lied that someone hacked his twitter account and he said he didn’t send those pictures.
2… Anger: He blamed everyone for keeping him from doing his job. He called a reporter a jackass.
3… Acceptance: He got wind that hundreds of other lewd pictures that he previous sent where coming out.
4…News Conference: He held a news conference to attempt to get on the front end of the story and put his best media spin on it.
5… Tears of Self pity: You ever been caught doing something wrong and… Yeah those tears
6… Refusal to honorably step down: Yeah he did it all and then some but he ain’t stepping down. Couldn’t you tell by these pictures and this scandal that Weiner has no honor? (Besides only Republicans step down when caught red handed in a scandal).
7… Continuing on as a Compromised husband, Congressman, and colleague from New York: So he’ll continue to represent the people of New York. And every time we see him, we’ll remember those gray “whitey tighties” the skinny leg and we’ll remember that he is a rude, lewd, perverted liar whose last name is Weiner.

If he were a Republican, his career would be over. However, by the standards of Democrat’s ethics he may even consider running for president and win the Democrat presidential nomination.

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