Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama Desperately Following Sarah

"I know you're frustrated. And I'm frustrated too" —president Barry Hussein Soetoro, on bus tour in Minnesota, attempting to separate himself from the chaos he’s created in Washington
The saying goes, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Sarah Palin’s idea to tour America by bus apparently captured the fancy of decision makers in the White house. They have instructed their boss to ditch Air Force One and the Limo nicknamed, “the Beast” for a while to follow Palin’s example of connecting with rural America. (Rural Americans, you know those bitter clingers to bibles and guns that Liberal Politicians only need and pay attention to around election time.)

So, for three days this week starting Monday before his Martha Vineyard vacation the president will bus through three states, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. He won those states in 2008 but indications are they need shoring up now. (see 5:06min video)

Here’s an Orwellian dilemma, the tricky part is that this excursion is fully funded by taxpayer’s dollars unlike Palin’s. So how does the president keep afoul of campaign violations, not using his official office to campaign, while “connecting with the American people”?

On a trip tinged with campaign-season politics, Obama lambasted what he described as the "brinkmanship" in the capital. He said the country's "broken" politics are exacerbating its economic problems.—foxnews.com

The Orwellian answer is don’t call it campaigning. Just brand your desperately following Sarah Palin bus tour an “official White House three-state tour to talk about jobs and the economy.” All the while, of course, the president partisanly blames Republicans for the state of both the economy and jobs. Hmm, attacking Republicans by thinly veiled rebukes to Congress in general, is that really, official White house business?

But the White House pitched the trip as a purely official visit, and a chance for the president to hear from Americans about the economic climate.-- FoxNews.com

So what if it isn’t official business. What if it really is campaigning what you going to do sue the Soetoro administration? By the time, you’re able to do anything the buses will be pulled into Washington and Soetoro will be on to the next scandal. That is exactly the point with this administration. They take every policy, every law, and every act to the edge of constitutional definition. And there is no controlling legal authority to do anything about it.

This bus tour is a possible violation of campaign laws. No other president in history has been so willing to use so many issues to test the constitutionality of the presidency.

For example, in pronouncing that he would not defend, the constitution in both defending American’s borders and the DOMA law this president has repeatedly shown a propensity to pick and choose which laws he will obey and which he will break. That is living outside the boundaries or above the law.

This act of riding around the country campaigning in taxpayers funded buses is but the latest, “In yo’ Face, wha cha gonna do about it” challenge to the American people by the Soetoro administration.

Our answer should be, ‘we will downgrade you to unemployed in 2012 as you downgraded our economy Mr. president.’

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