Monday, August 15, 2011

The Democrat Party is Broken

“Many Americans are hurting badly right now. Many have been unemployed for too long. Putting these men and women back to work, and growing wages for everyone, has got to be our top priority.” —president Barry Hussein Soetoro 2011
Special Note: Standard and Poor is under tremendous secret political pressure from the Soetoro administration to reverse the AA+ downgrade back to that of AAA. Look for that reversal in the coming days.

President Barry Hussein Soetoro has looked into the mirror of American politics and can’t distinguish whether that line he sees on this face is a scar or a crack in the mirror.
Impetuously and due to his well-documented narcissism, he concludes that there couldn’t be anything flawed in himself so the mirror must be broken.

Thus, the president’s pronouncement that our politics are broken amid the fact that his political worldview is crumbling all around him yet he lifts his skinny skeletal arm and points his worn and boney finger of blame at yet another American institution, which he supposes, requires his brand of fundamental change, America’s politics. (see article)

This assessment comes from a man who starting from his sudden appearance on the scene in 2004 has pretentiously told us that America is broken and then pronounced that he is here to fix it fundamentally.

Well, Mr. president our system of politics was here before you got here and it will be here long after you leave. The latter, of course, depends on whether the majority of Americans realize by now that what you have been doing is worsening America’s political, social and economic condition. Anyone who is not blinded by partisan politics can see that America is worse under Soetoro than it was under Bush or any other president thus far.

What you misrepresented in 2008 as hope and change Mr. Soetoro was merely partisan politics of the highest order. It was the government takeover of healthcare industry disguised as providing healthcare for every American. It was a homosexual coming out parade in military uniform disguised as the lie to end unfair military treatment. It was historic partisan unsustainable trillion dollars spending to further ensconce liberal programs and policies and embed them deep within the federal government to bring fundamental change to America socially and legally. You managed all of this, by bypassing the electoral system and implementing your reforms by bureaucratic stealth and legal manipulation rather than the conventional way of open political debate.

When the American people begin to realize what you and your Party were up to in 2010 the America people sent their representatives to Congress to stop your corrupting of the American system of government. You reacted with vile and venomous epithets; Racists you called us, Homophobes you called us, Astroturf you called us, Tea Partiers you called us and you told us we were trying to continue the policies of George Bush, therefore in essence labeling us by the name you hate the most, George W. Bush.

Mr. president I don’t know if you’ve noticed but your failed Utopian European Big government dreams aren’t working in Europe. So I’m sure by the reaction in our markets that what you have already done with your unprecedented spending and reforms are not going to work in America either.

If I may be so bold it is not our politics that are broken no they worked very well in spite of your Party’s manipulation of our elections and our election laws. However, what is broken is the Democrat Party and their partisan brand of politics that places Democrats and Party about everything else.

Since Al Gore conceded that Bush won the presidential campaign of 2000, but took his concession back upon advice of his Democrat partisans, Democrats have began an uncivil war in American politics. And because of those actions Democrats have waged political war on America ever since: Chadgate, charges that the Supreme court gave Bush the election, charges that Bush stole the election, charges that Bush waged an illegal war, Democrats voting to go to war and then lied saying they were deceived. Charges that Bush lied people died, Charges that Bush lied about WMDs, Democrats pronouncing that America lost the war, Democrats attempt to sabotage the war efforts to defeat Bush in 2004, Democrats especially this president vilifying Bush in the 2008 elections even though Bush wasn’t running and couldn’t defend himself. And it goes on ad infinitum.

Democrats have shown themselves to be unworthy of a political system based on both honesty and integrity. In addition, Democrat’s repeated general misinterpretations and misrepresentation of Constitution and laws, which govern the United States, tell a much different story than that of the president’s view that America’s politics are broken. What the facts suggest is there is a broken component of American politics but not the system itself.

The president has look in the mirror of American politics and mistaken the scar on this face and that on his Party and projected it upon the mirror as a crack.

No sir our Politics are not broken, at least not in the since which you speak. However, one element in our system is broken beyond repair and that is your Party sir, the one that spawned your dysfunctional presidency sir.

The Democrat Party is Broken! Thank you Mr. president for making that undeniably clear to American before the 2012 elections. I think this revelation will be that best thing for Americans to know regarding the 2012 elections.

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