Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lessons learned from a Cupcake

If you think the pricing scheme is “racist,” because it discriminates according to ethnicity, then you must also think that Affirmative Action is racist, since it does exactly the same thing! -- U.C. Berkeley College Republicans
It’s not hard to understand racism when explained by someone selling cupcakes at a bake sale. Actually, it’s quite simple. If you charge different, prices for the same cupcake based on the color of someone’s skin or based on whether that person is male or female that is the essence and the summation of racism.

The above-mentioned bake sale was an example demonstrated by college students at U.C. Berkeley. Berkeley Republican students thought the demonstration necessary because Leftist on the campus had organized a phone bank in support of SB 185 and 387. Two measures passed in the California Senate and waiting to be signed into law by California Gov. Brown. (see article)

The measures will reintroduce affirmative action admissions to California U.C. schools, which are admissions based solely on a person’s race or sexuality. Ward Connerly a member of the University of California Board of Regents and spokesperson for Proposition 209, California's 1996 anti-affirmative action initiative helped remove affirmative action from U.C. schools nearly fifteen years ago. Liberal are attempting to reinstate it under Gov. Brown.

Interestingly, Berkeley’s Republicans bake sale was met by Liberal rage and condemnation. In addition, Berkeley Republicans where called racists. Thus confirming by Liberal U.C. Berkeley College students and other leftists that treatment basis on the color of one’s skin as racist.

This point couldn’t have been more strongly confirmed than when Berkeley Liberals raged against the U.C. Berkeley Republican College students’ bake sale. Leftist U.C. Berkeley College students’ reaction to the truth comes as no surprise. Liberals have a tendency to act out hatefully when confronted with the outcomes of their utopian and wrong-headed ideas.
$2.00 for White/Caucasian
$1.50 for Asian/Asian American
$1.00 for Latino/Hispanic
$.0.75 for Black/African American
$0.25 for Native American
$.025 off for all Women
The Republican College student’s of Berkeley wanted to create discussion around the obvious fact that the tiered system of discrimination based on the color of one’s skin for college admission is racism.

If one thinks that pricing cupcakes differently based purely on one’s race and/or sex is “racist,” because Affirmative Action discriminates according to ethnicity and sex, then you must also think that Affirmative Action is racist also, since it does exactly the same thing!

Two things I've learned from a cupcake. One,Liberals can’t handle the truth. And two Liberals are racists

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