Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Obama Administration loses a half billion dollars in Vegas

The left wing media loves a good scandal, particularly one that somehow points out how allegedly greedy capitalists rip off taxpayers. If these capitalists are in any way connected to the Republican Party, like defense contractor Halliburton, it's feeding-frenzy time. —Charles Gasparino
Would negligently losing half a billion dollars of taxpayer’s money on a speculative gamble be a scandal for any presidential administration in America? It would be if that president were named George W. Bush. In fact, Democrats would ensure that it was made a scandal.

Though the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration did not lose half a billion dollars in Vegas they have perpetrated an outrageous scandal nevertheless. However, sadly for American journalism this scandal wouldn’t get as much attention from the Progressive media as Sarah Palin’s emails received. President Soetoro lost half a billion dollars of taxpayers money on a Progressive ideological venture, “Good Green Jobs” at a time when the American economy could least afford it. Just as shovel-ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as expected, good green solar panel jobs were not as good or as green as expected either. (see article)

But if the scandal involves one of the liberal media's pet causes like "affordable housing" to the poor, scandals such as the widespread accounting fraud at the government mortgage lender Fannie Mae and the massive pay packages handed out to the agency's top executives are just not such a big deal. That is until Fannie imploded and taxpayers were stuck paying the bailout bills.—Charles Gasparino

Amazingly good green jobs are such a toxic subject for the White house that in the President’s major jobs speech on September 8, 2011 before both houses of Congress that president did not even mention the phrase, “Good Green Jobs” even once.

[W]hich brings us to the sad story of Solyndra, and how wasting more than $500 million of taxpayer money on a dubious technology isn't really much of a scandal, at least according to some of my colleagues in the financial press.—Charles Gasparino

Perhaps in less partisan times and without the bias reporting or non-reporting of the Progressive media, wasting taxpayers’ money in the middle of the greatest recession in U.S. history on the negligent bet of good green jobs would be considered a scandal.

Nevertheless, according to Liberal Democrats and Progressives in the media losing 500 million dollars on a phrase that the president refuses to utter now is not a scandal rather it’s something to be applauded. Huh?

In an effort to throw good taxpayer money after a bad ideological unproven venture, the Soetoro administration funded the Solyndra Company with taxpayer money to develop solar panels in hopes to produce "green" energy and jobs.

However, as Charles Gasparino points out the government wasn't supposed to be taking "risks" with the money that Solyndra was given in the first place. This was "stimulus" money. It was supposed to be spent on "shovel ready" jobs, according to President Obama.
The stimulus package was sold as a jobs bill to both repair our crumbling infrastructure of roads and bridges and put people back to work -- was supposed to keep unemployment initially at around 8%, bringing it down to around 7% or lower by now.

But wait a minute isn’t that what the recent American Jobs Act as presented by the president is supposed to do, repair our crumbling infrastructure of roads and bridges and put people back to work?

So this president believes that he can misappropriate taxpayer moneys, then ask for more taxpayer and be re-elected unscathed from any scandal?

Well if it is up to the Liberal Progressive media maybe, he can be reelected. The question is, is it up to the Progressive media this time or the American people?

The American people now have a record of abject failure to judge the community organizer-in-chief on. If judged on his record Barry Hussein Soetoro is a one-term president.

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