Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama to Blacks, “Take off your bedroom slippers.”

How does one stereotype a whole race of people and then ask for their vote? The first Black president did and it seems he’s going to get a pass on it because he’s Black.

Unemployment in the Black community on national average is 16.7 percent. Though 98% of the Black population in the United States voted for Barry Hussein Soetoro, he has done nothing to address the chronic epidemic of Black joblessness according to some Black leaders.

Soetoro’s snubbing of the Black community has become so apparent that high-level political Black leaders have voiced their concerns.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri, the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) recently suggested in an news paper interview that if president Soetoro were a White man Blacks would be marching on the White house. However, the Congressman seems to suggest that Blacks would rather disregard a Black president’s ineptness rather than hold him to the same standard that they would hold a White president. Apparently, Rep. Cleaver believes that it is more important to preserve one Black man’s job rather than attempt to do something about joblessness in the Black community at large.

Likewise, California Representative Maxine Waters opined that the president’s campaign/jobs Bus tour last month by-passed Black communities. She also stated that Black members of the CBC are getting tired of waiting for the first Black president to do something to help Blacks.

President Soetoro answered back his Black critics by berating them. He told them in a recent speech to the annual awards dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus that Black people should take off their "bedroom slippers" and put on their marching shoes.

The president chose to use a reference, which perpetuates the stereotype of unemployed Blacks inappropriately wearing big fluffy house shoes and house shoes of all sorts to mall stores and in the streets while doing nothing about their condition but complainin’, grumblin’ and cryin’. Soetoro contrasted that image to what he says Blacks are not doing, which is putting on their marching shoes to march with him against "the man". But wait isn't president Soetoro, "the man"? (see article)

Though the president has paid very little attention to the concerns of Blacks in over 2 ½ years in office, he needs the same high numbers of Black voter turnout in 2012, which elected him in 2008. The president’s failed policies have driven away Independents, White and some Conservative Democrat votes for election year 2012. Therefore, the president is pleading for the Black vote once again intimating to his Black constituency that if he wins reelection he will address their concerns in the future.

Soetoro creation of the image of do nothing, jobless welfare recipient Blacks in “house shoes” would not be tolerated if a White candidate would have employed it, and rightly so. Even more a Black Harvard educated man should know better than to denigrate his own race when eliciting their vote.

Or is it that Blacks are so used to self-denigration that they didn’t even notice the president’s slight?

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