Thursday, September 15, 2011

When Speeches and Partisan Politics Fail

In truth, Obama is out of arrows. His quiver is bare, because he came into office as a rhetorical president without much experience or any ideas other than growing even bigger a tired big government. Now the public realizes that both the speeches and the big spending do not work. -- Victor Davis Hanson
President Barry Hussein Soetoro situation reminds me of the ignorant religionist who was asked right after his church service what the minister’s message was about. The religionist stated, being quite in the dark, “I don’t know but it sure sounded good!”

President Soetoro’s speeches all sound good that’s not the problem. The problem is the ideology and the content of those speeches. The fact is the president’s recent troubles are a result of everything that he has been saying. He is in trouble with the American people for what he believes. All of the president’s ideology has been unleashed against the American people. The people now see what big nanny-state government is capable of and they do not like it. The majority of us don’t like it. (see 48sec video)

We now understand what it means to have a Party in power that is intent on fundamentally changing the traditions of our country without our consent.

The president’s appeal to Liberals is that he sounds and looks good. To Liberals dismay, what sounds good is not necessary what is needed to help this country. To liberals it is important that their social ideology be given government protection Soetoro has done that. He picks and chooses which of our laws are worth of his support. On the other hand, he chooses which laws he will simply disregard.

No longer can anyone say that we are a nation of laws when government refuses to enforce it’s own immigration laws. We no longer can pretend to be a law abiding nation when our government runs guns into a foreign country in a blatant attempt to undermine it’s own constitution.

We are no longer a country that can boast that our justice system is blind when our Federal Attorney General refuses to carry out justice because the perpetrators of voter intimidation were Black and the victims were White. The Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is Black, said that he would not prosecute a case of voter intimidation against Black men.

Victor Davis Hanson believes that the president is out of ammunition. In his article, “Obama’s Quiver is empty” Mr. Hanson recounts the many speeches and the consequent government action or inaction based on those speeches. The results are Americans have grown tired of all the talk, all of the partisanship and all of the lack of content.

For instance I recently saw an attempted attack on Gov. Rick Perry’s grades the attack stated that Gov. Perry was an anti-intellectual. But compared to whom? He couldn’t be compared to the president because no one knows whether the president is an intellectual or not because his grades have been hidden shortly before he became president and ever since. Yet Liberals pretend that Soetoro is an intellectual when they have no proof of it.

The next time a Liberal challenges the intellectual credentials of a Conservative ask them what the president’s grades are or ask what his I.Q. is. They can’t say because Soetoro’s academic records have been sealed so that no one knows what kind of grades he received or what his I.Q. is. For all anyone knows Gov. Perry grades are better than the president’s grades and his I.Q. could be higher. This we know the President’s grades are hidden and no one else’s are.

Mr. Hanson point is that Americans tire of Barry Hussein Soetoro. The truth is the president represents the Democrat Party. No matter whether it is Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore or Anthony Weiner any Democrat would have had the same ruinous effect on our government, society and economy.

Conservatives were the only thing holding Democrats and their destruction of America at bay. Now that Soetoro and Democrats have been unleashed, the American people see for themselves what it means to let Democrats set policy and control spending.

Let’s only hope that 2012 it is not too late to bring America back from the brink of hope and change. And it really doesn’t matter any Conservative is better that president Soetoro and any Conservative is better than a Democrat.

The president sure can sound good but we are well past the point of a good speech and for the first time a majority of Americans know this too.

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