Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The President and Democrats are insane

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” --Benjamin Franklin
Last Thursday night’s so called “Jobs Act” the president presented to the country is not a jobs act at all. It is another stimulus package designed to give Democrats phony talking points, as phony as a Barry Hussein Soetoro’s third new and improved birth certificate. These are phony talking points that are meant to redirect the national discussion away from Mr. Soetoro’s inability to solve the nation’s unemployment problems. Mr. Soetoro is directing discussion rather to Congress. The Soetoro administration would rather Americans focus on the appearance that Congress is failing to pass the Soetoro jobs bill thus the president has flipped the script on the negative impact that above 9% unemployment has on him. And it is working!

Congress and Soetoro's "Jobs bill" is a discussion that the Soetoro administration is willing to have the nation engage in. That is why the president is campaigning about the country calling his newest version of stimulus a jobs bill and saying that Congress should pass it. It's all misdirection!

Democrats are already talking about how Republicans won’t pass the president’s jobs bill. Distraction about what Republicans won’t do will keep fellow Democrats from facing the facts that everything promised by Democrats in the last 3 years didn’t work. The economic policies, which they prescribed and enacted for the nation, have not worked to save and create jobs. Democrat policy have lead to the U.S. credit downgrade and Americans are getting poorer. The middle class is shrinking instead of being helped by Democrats.

Political payoffs. Nearly one-quarter of this latest stimulus package -- sorry, American Jobs Act -- is aid to state and local government, to keep teachers and other public employee union members on the job and paying dues to the unions. Altogether, unions gave Democrats some $400 million in the 2008 election cycle. Pretty good return on their "investment," eh?-- Michael Barone

The president couldn’t fix American’s unemployment problem so he rolled the whole jobs problem on to the Republicans in Congress in another stimulus package disguised as a jobs bill. But in this retreaded $447 Billion dollar stimulus package, he’s paying his big Union cronies like his first $787 billion dollar stimulus package on February 13, 2009 where he paid these same members of teachers’ unions and other public employee unions.

For those of us who are too stupid to understand it Mr. Soetoro needs another Bush to run against to win in 2012. Democrats always need a bogeyman, Bush, the Republicans, Christians, the Tea Party, Astro Turf, White people, Veterans or just plain Americans. Without someone to demonize Democrats have nothing.

The president’s speech was about throwing red meat to his base, presenting a phony jobs bill so they can fight like dogs to defend it. They are meant to attack anyone who would point out the fact that all of this has already been tried by the president and none of it has worked.

Michael Barone’s piece, “Obama's Pathetic, Pedestrian Speech” gives me hope that not everyone in the media has gone insane along with the president and Democrats.

If enough in the media see this phony jobs bill as Mr. Barone sees it perhaps, our time will not be wasted with false reporting and insane editorials demonizing Republicans for not passing the president’s insane stimulus package.

A change that we can certainly hope for.

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