Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama’s Political Jobs Game

President Barry Hussein Soetoro is playing political games with America's joblessness!

How many of you thought that president Barry Hussein Soetoro’s Jobs speech last Thursday night was a serious attempt to solve joblessness in this country? I must admit that I didn’t because I know the partisanship of the man. However, for those of you that took him seriously think about this. From the beginning of his presidency until now, Soetoro has always blamed others, always. That true, what is the most pressing thing in the country today that could possibility cost Soetoro the presidency? The answer is five words. Lack of jobs for Americans!

How does someone turn one’s most troubling problem into a positive? Even though you’ve been talking about saving and creating jobs for the last 2 ½ years and even though everything that you have tried has failed what do you do? (see 10:53min video)

That’s right; if you are president Soetoro you look for someone else’s ass to blame. In this case it’s Republicans. Now why would I say that? I saw the way that the Associated Press was reporting Monday’s “Jobs bill” story. The first line of the story said, “In a sharp challenge to the GOP, President Barack Obama proposed paying for his costly new jobs plan Monday with tax hikes that Republicans have already rejected, and he accused them of political motives if they still refuse to go along.” (see story)

What?!? I thought that his Thursday night’s speech called for Congress to pass his job’s bill. Then I remembered, “Obama speak.” When the president was calling on Congress what he really meant was Republicans. And something more this was not a speech about jobs, no this was a speech about dumping the most crippling aspect of Soetoro’s campaign, 2 ½ years of doing nothing about jobs, into the laps of the Republicans.

After 2 ½ years of shucking and jiving on creating jobs Mr. Soetoro had the temerity to exclaim, “"The only thing that's stopping it (his “jobs bill”) is politics." Well Mr. Soetoro I seem remember that you had both Houses of Congress under your control and instead of working on jobs you wasted all of your political capital on Obamacare not creating jobs.

Now that you’ve crashed the economy with big government overreaching and typical Liberal overspending and now that you’ve caused the U.S.’s credit rating to be downgraded from it’s permanent, until you came along, AAA rating to that of an AA+ you now want throw your jobs problem on to Republicans. Nice move if Americans are stupid enough to allow you to get away with it. But I don’t think we are.

You have not proposed a Job’s bill Mr. president, you Lie! This is another stimulus package with a $447 Billion dollar tax hike and that not so cleverly hidden.

Underneath all of the campaigning this “Jobs bill” is merely an attempt to smear Republicans with the scurrilous charge that Republicans are the reason Americans are unemployed not your failed policies. And all the while Mr. president you sneak another $447 billion dollar stimulus package on the backs of the America people. This is political fraud of the highest order.

This is act, a trick! This is a game. This is Greek Columns; this is another grandiose speech before Congress, this is mere Stagecraft.

At a Rose Garden event Monday, Obama brandished his jobs bill in the air and surrounded himself with police officers, firefighters, teachers, construction workers and others he said would be helped by it. Adopting a newly combative tone that's been welcomed by dispirited Democrats, Obama demanded immediate action on the legislation, which the White House sent to Capitol Hill Monday afternoon.-- ERICA WERNER

This bill is not going to create jobs Mr. president nothing that you’ve lied about and tried for the last 3 years has accomplished that.

However, this is a blatant attempt to throw the president’s jobs dead albatross into the laps of the Republicans. And this is politics as usual for a below average president who, as usual, is looking for someone else to blame for his surprising but stark political incompetence.

The president is playing games with American unemployment in order to be reelected. Those are two things that should never happen in America.

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