Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Devolution of Obama Campaign

America is broken economically, socially, politically and academically. Progressives broke it and it’s time they took responsibility.
America has changed. We are no longer in the “Beaver Cleaver” world of conservatism, Progressives made sure of that. Since the 1960’s Progressives have moved, the American culture off the conservative standard and has migrated left. The American culture presently is trending to the far left. We have digressed into a puerile world of Beavis and Butthead vulgarity, libertine indulgences and peer pressure ignorance.

The campaign to reelect Barry Hussein Soetoro is the epitome of the downward slide of the American culture. It is said that the people get the leaders, which they deserve. If so, the president is a reflection of the conduct and condition of the American people.

Barry Hussein Soetoro is a narcissistic Machiavellian who owes fealty to none but progressive dogma and ideology country notwithstanding.

Change We Can Believe In, Win the Future, We Can't Wait, An America Built to Last, Greater Together, We Don't Quit and Forward are all slogans employed by the Soetoro campaign this year. They were casting about searching for an appropriate expression to help voters forget the president’s current failed four years plus relate their failures to former president Bush or presumptive nominee Romney.

You recognize the slogan Hope and Change from 2008 however all the others are variations on this year’s campaign with the president’s team finally settling on the Hitler youth socialist marching anthem “Vorwärts!” or “Forward.” (see 1:14min video)

If the definition of insanity is repeating the very same actions but expecting different results then the president is asking the American people to not only be insane but stupid, by reelecting him to a second term. We would have to be stupidly insane to reelect him based on his record.

That is why the president is not running on his record. Instead, he’s running on a highly Machiavellian Madison Avenue crafted campaign of deception and manipulation. He thinks the America people to be stupid. Stupid can be defined as repeating the very same actions, but seeing that those actions produce the same results, but someone comes along (the president’s campaign) and tells you that you’re seeing the results all wrong, in fact the results are different or as an alternative the results do not matter because they will be different in the future. Or simply put “Forward”

Whether or not the American people are stupid I will not say. What I will say is Progressive Liberals like president Barry Hussein Soetoro depend on the fact that the America people can be told that what they are seeing is not really, what they are seeing. Alternatively, for that matter it doesn’t matter what they’re seeing because things are going to be different in the future. So “Forward!”

Now that we are on the other side of the Soetoro campaign slogan, “Hope and Change” the American people are seeing that what was sold to them in 2008 was Progressive Socialist propaganda. However, what has transpired between that time and now is an ideological divided America, which is broken economically, socially, politically and academically.

The Majority of Americans feel that there is nothing and no one in the present administration they can believe in. What is more Americans feel that their government is out of control. In the spirit of never letting a serious crisis go to waste, the Soetoro administration has been creating crisises in order to establish opportunities to do things that they would not be able to do in a non-crisis scenario.

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before.—Rahm Emanuel

America’s socio-economic structure is devolving for sure. The question remaining is will the American people reelect a man and a Party that is hell bent on fundamentally changing the Constitutional Republic presently known as the United States of America into a Utopian Socialist Oligarchy.

The Soetoro presidency and his campaign has devolved into something un-American. If he is reelected that would indict that America has devolved into something un-American too.

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