Monday, May 07, 2012

It’s about being Stupid, Stupid!

For the second straight month, President Obama is spinning pathetically weak job data as “good news.” Who is he kidding? —
Democrat Liberals and president Barry Hussein Soetoro think that they can say anything. It doesn’t matter what they say isn’t true. What matters is they think people are stupid enough to believe what they say. It’s either that or they believe people are stupid enough to go along with their deceitfulness. Sad to say Democrats are stupid enough to go along with ideology, which has been disproved historically, and partisanship that has divided the United States of America.

Unemployment edged down to 8.1% because 342,000 quit looking for work. The 12.5 million unemployed Americans need action from President Obama and the rest of Washington. [T]he only reason unemployment inched down to 8.1% was that another 342,000 Americans gave up looking for jobs and dropped out of the workforce completely. Miserable.

According to the NYDailynews no one is fooled by the spin that the president is putting on failing economy yet the media still support him, likewise liberals blinded by political bias will remain loyal rather than do what is best for the country. (see article)

This election is a referendum not on the president but on the American people. It is said that the people get the leadership that they deserve. The American people were fooled in 2008 with the propaganda of Hope and Change. Now they offer up the pathetic slogan, Forward, as if Liberal want to erase the last four years from our memories.

Are the American people as stupid as the president and his Party believe? That is what this election will prove. After a failed presidency will the people reelect a super partisan whose aim is to fundamentally change the United States from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist Despot Oligarchy?

The question is, are the American people stupid enough to reelect an anti-American president? This election is about being stupid, Stupid! The fact that the president has a chance of being reelected is already an indictment against a country that is in its economic, social and political last throes.

Are we all too stupid to see the ruin that the Progressives have wrought in Europe and now in the United States?

Make no mistake the 2012 elections are about stupidity. Whether American are as stupid as Democrats believe we are. It’s about being stupid, Stupid!

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