Monday, June 11, 2012

Global Warming Fatalists: Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!

President Obama played a big card Thursday, authorizing Mrs. Clinton to tentatively endorse European proposals that rich nations come up with $100 billion a year over the next decade to help poor nations fight climate change. story
Facts are the torpedoes that have sunk the apocalyptic forebodings of Global Warming. According to that “settled science”, the terrain of the earth should be in a catastrophic state changed by anthropogenic emissions of carbon into the earth’s atmosphere.

Here are fifteen irrefutable facts about Global warming that “settled scientists” and their spokes person Al Gore don’t want you to know:

Fact 1 No one knows how much of the current global warming is due to natural phenomenon or manmade.
Fact 2 We are currently in a period of natural warming that began in 1850 as we emerged from a 400 hundred year old cooling trend called the Little Ice Age.
Fact 3 97% of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere comes from the oceans and plants.
Fact 4 Greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere are made up of 90% water vapour, 4% Carbon Dioxide, 4% methane, 2% fluoride compounds and nitrous oxide.
Fact 5 Top estimates put water vapour as high as 95% of greenhouse gasses of this 95% 99.999% is natural and not attributed to manmade causes.
Fact 6 Carbon Dioxide accounts for 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere.
Fact 7 Manmade Carbon Dioxide is only 0.117% of the total Carbon Dioxide in the air and contributes 0.0047% of Carbon dioxide total in the atmosphere.
Fact 8 Reducing Manmade Carbon Dioxide by 30% in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol has been estimated to lower earth’s temperature by 1/20th of 1 degree by 2050 a negligible effect...
Fact 9 Most of the global warming trend of the last 150 years occurred before 1940 the period since is by enlarge when human activity increased its Carbon Dioxide production from smoke stacks and automobiles.
Fact 10 The net global warming since 1940 is a tiny 0.2 degrees C.
Fact 11 There has been no acceleration since modern global warming began in 1850.
Fact 12 Between 2007 and 2008 global temperatures dropped between 0.59% and 0.75% degrees C virtually enough to offset the entire global warming of the last century this despite increased levels of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.
Fact 13 This came after nine years of none global warming since 1998, which was a direct contradiction to IPPC forecasts.
Fact 14 Past global temperature records show no historical correlation between temperature levels and Carbon Dioxide despite the claims of Al Gore and the IPPC.
Fact 15 Carbon offsetting does not work, trees release all their Carbon Dioxide when they die the net effect is collected from squidoo 101 global warming facts

The impact of anthropogenic carbon emissions on the planet is minute in comparison to the natural occurrences of carbon emissions. What is more, anything that man proposes to do to affect anthropogenic carbon emissions will have virtually no effect on global warming or our planet.

In reality, what was proposed by the Kyoto agreement to solve global warming was and is a fraud. In like fashion, the current efforts to halt Climate change are fraudulent global tax scams invented to produce new revenue streams for unelected unaccountable United Nations officials and International profiteers, many based in Europe, that have been long awaiting American politicians to commit the American people to this Global tax scheme.

The only thing that has saved the American people from indentured servitude to the U.N. and International profiteers was George W. Bush’s unwillingness to sign the Kyoto agreement. That and the downturn in the U.S. economy before Barry Hussein Soetoro became President. President Soetoro a long known proponent of Global warming would have sold the American people out as soon as he were elected had the economy been in a better state.

As it is, he has already committed the U.S. to 100 million dollars in promises to carbon reductions via the Copenhagen agreements made in 2010.

Climate Finance

In addition to that Obama has taken credit for the agreement at Copenhagen.

Final Copenhagen Accord

In spite of the mounting evidence contradicting Al Gore’s claims of global destruction the average Americans live their lives as if anthropogenic affects on climate actually measurably effects the climate one way or the other. Not realizing that the proposed fixes are not intended nor can the fixes actually correct the problem of Climate change. All that they are meant to do is raise money by transferring the wealth from industrialized countries for the pockets of corrupted U.N. officials and their International profiteer cronies.

The facts are that the dire predictions of global warming catastrophe have not come true. Either will they in the fashion that they were predicted because the original claims where based on false theories and false evidence. For example in the last 15 years there has been a global cooling trend, did you know that? Following are some of the failed predictions of Global warming.

• A global cooling trend has developed despite the IPCC's climate model predictions and the immense human CO2 emissions over the last 15 years (a 1.7 times increase over the 15-yr period ending in 1996) . Catastrophic, dangerous, unequivocal, accelerating and unprecedented global warming are non-existent as of April 2012. In summary, the data strongly and irrefutably suggest that human CO2 emissions are not a powerful greenhouse gas and that, instead, natural climate forces are the likely primary drivers of global temperature changes.
• Global climate modeling failure is the rule rather than the exception in regards to the computer simulations that EPA & IPCC bureaucrats and policymakers rely on. New research regarding a regional climate in the U.S. substantiates the failed predictive capability of global climate models. As a result, these global climate models guarantee massive amounts of government investments being wasted on erroneous climate change impacts, such as more droughts in the southwest U.S...
• Accelerating global sea level rise from melting glaciers is not happening as predicted. The retreat of Greenland's glaciers is not a major contributor to sea level increases and there exists no empirical evidence that this will change by year 2100.
• Tide gauge station analysis confirms global sea level rise is modest and not dangerously accelerating as long predicted by the IPCC's climate models and its "experts."
• Connect the dots climate model failure is not a 'roll of the dice' - it is a known, glaring global warming prediction bias that is significantly robust. Since this is a 'known known,' as a precautionary principle decision, James Hansen et al. should be retired from NASA's climate modeling research unit.
• "Tipping point" global warming is not supported by the evidence; it's not even remotely plausible per the empirical data from the tropics; the world is not going to end from human-caused boiling oceans; and, NASA's James Hansen is possibly crazy, with fame, fortune and the drooling love of the MSM press lapdogs.
• The impact of climate change on health appears to be of little significance, according to health research experts, and, of course, contrary to the UN's highly publicized hysteria published by it climate politics agency, the IPCC.
• Climate change effects of increasing levels of CO2 and global warming will enhance agriculture output for many crops, such as winter wheat. In addition, IPCC climate modeling, 'guesstimating,' for global warming impacts has little basis in actual science.
• EU scientists prove, using tide gauge station data, that the long predicted catastrophic sea level rise has not happened despite the global warming that has taken place since the Little Ice Age end.
• The extreme climate change risk promulgated by the big global insurance companies and their scientific minions has proven to be without merit when the actual empirical evidence is closely scrutinized.
• Climate modeling failure is the standard operating procedure for the immensely expensive virtual simulations that the IPCC and associated climate agencies have poured billions into. They remain unable to provide accurate predictions that policymakers can rely on. data collected from C3 Headlines

As with all things, this president all is illusion and deception. His brokered accord at Copenhagen was a non-binding agreement that will cost the American people $31.1 billion to $36.1 billion of the $100 billion dollar Global warming annual pledge. That’s up to $36.1 billions annually from 2013 to 2020-- pg6 Delivering on U.S. Climate Finance Commitments

Using that same scale the U.S. would be responsible for about a third of the promised $50 billion dollar start up money that started in 2010 through 2012 Obama has committed the United States to about $336.8 billion dollars of global warming debt over an eleven year period. Remember president Obama took credit for the accord and authorized payments to the global warming fatalists (see 2:37min video)

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No matter the evidence Global warming proponents will continue the farce of global warming not to save the planet no they will continue because of the money.

Like soylent green is people, global warming is money.


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