Friday, June 01, 2012

Obama is a Birther

President Barry Hussein Soetoro represented that he was born in Kenya Africa. So he is a Birther! That's right all of the ridicule that was heaped upon anyone that raised this issue was and is undeserved. So called birthers were doing nothing more than the president did himself, saying that he was born in Kenya. Follow is a dynamic look at the subject as only award winning movie maker Molotov Mitchell can present it. That's right the president himself represented in a 1991 bio that he was in fact born in Kenya!!!(see 4:16min video)


  1. Do some basic research and find that Obama did not write the blurb. You people are so easy to debate, it is like discussing advanced scientific principles with a high school drop out.

    "That's right the president himself represented in a 1991 bio that he was in fact born in Kenya." Except he did not. An assistant has already come forward to say it was her mistake "Miriam Goderich issued a statement to the Political Wire saying the future president never suggested 'in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii'"

    Even if he did provide that information at worst he was a liar. Since we have indisputable (well indisputable by people with functioning brains) proof that he was in fact born in Hawaii it is a non issue. Like I said if it is shown that he actually wrote the blurb (he didn't) or told the assistant he was born in Kenya (more likely but still not very likely) then he is a liar. Words are not proof you flaming moron, documentation is proof and you idiots lack documentation. Where are your certified copies for official agencies, you do not have any, well STFU and this is the last page view I give this delusional ranting blog by a sad mentally ill paranoid schizo.

    1. Small problem absolutely nobody is buying your specious arguments. Obama and his backers,YOU, have the problem of unbelievability. You talk a good game but it's past that time just produce all of the sealed records and if there is nothing to hide all of this goes away.

      It's a simple thing, how did Tom Cuise say it in Jerry McGwire, "Show me the money!" Or How did Ronald Reagan say it, "Trust but verify!"

      We've heard all of the misrepresentations from Obama and from people like you scott fact is we don't believe you.

      The president could have ended this a long time ago rather than spending over 1 million dollars to prevent his original birth certificate from being presented in court he as opted for unverifiable copies in the media so obamabots like yourself can pretend that there is some proof when there is none.

      But keep on following you may learn something yet!

    2. Oh yeah and how did your president say it, "Only people who are afraid of the truth have something to hide!" Release all Obama records now!

  2. Oh my God, it is like you are a complete idiot. If you still have the birth certificate you were issued as a child go grab it and tell me if it has a reference number (it does). You know why that number is there? Because your "original" is a copy you idiot, the state or county will always keep an original that is sealed to the public. If you lose that first copy you will go down and they will find the original, verify it exists, and then issue a CERTIFIED COPY. Since Obama has released two CERTIFIED COPIES (means the state of Hawaii certified that an original record exists) it means he was born in Hawaii. Obama will not be allowed to release the original you speak of, it defeats the whole methodology of state record keeping you huge idiot.

  3. scott it is apparent that you like to argue it's all good. However at least we you do come with something new. I've heard every one of your points at least a thousand times and rebutted every one at least that many times. Quite frankly, you're boring! Your problem again is believability. No one believes that documents that Obama has posted. And no one believes you. However, every time Obama get close to having to file those fraudulent documents in a court of law he manages to get the case dismissed. That doesn't make you suspicious? No of course not you've drunk the kool-aid.

    As for doing research as you suggested I've already done that following is a partial list of posts on the subject and a query on this site will produce much more!
    Say it loud im a birther and proudl

    thank you Mr. Trump and birthers

    Obamas original birther certificate has been destroyed

    I have the right to know if Barack Hussein Obama is eligible to serve

    In the meantime take a look at the video again you may learn something. In any event don't burst a blood vessel I'd like to have you around to greet President Romney when he is elected in November.

  4. No you have not, show me how his birth certificate is not valid without relying on those idiots talking about a scanned document (a scanned document was just released to the public so it was transparent, the scanned document will never be considered an official copy). Stay on one point and stop just lumping everyone in to a category of "Kool-aid drinking Obamabots who refuse to see the truth," you are the one making the outrageous claim that is countered by actual proof so the burden of proof really lies with you. I think I have been far too mean to you though, I actually feel bad now for mocking someone with a clear case of paranoid Schizophrenia. Everyone who disagrees is just a mindless zombie, any document provided is forged, and there is a huge conspiracy to cover it up, all of those are signs of a deep seated mental problem. I am not even kidding or trying to be a jerk here, you have a mental illness and mocking you is no longer fun.

    None of those citations contain any factual evidence, they all rely on "experts" who are contradicted by the majority of experts in the field and hearsay. Counter this one point and I will eat crow, Hawaii has the authority to issue an authentic birth certification do they not? Hawaii issued a certified copy of his birth certificate did they not? Then how does his birth certificate not exist? Hawaii holds the authority to certify his birth and they have, counter that one point. Forget about all the other nonsense (voices in your head) and address that point for me would you (you will not because it si literally impossible to refute using facts, you might find some hearsay but that is not proof). For you to be correct requires two governors (one Republican and one Democrat) to be in on the fix. It also requires non partisan members of the Hawaii department of public health to be in on the conspiracy. It also would require two newspapers to be in on the conspiracy. See where I am going with this and your mental illness.

    1. scott, what the State of Hawaii has issued in Soetoro case is a COLB that is a certificate of live birth meaning that it was reported to officials that a birth occurred. this does mean that he was born in Hawaii. Reference btw I realize that you don't believe that facts can be found on any other source that you deem credible however as any fair minded person knows the establishment media has been derelict in reporting on this issue.

      Nevertheless I will cite credible sources whether blog or other sources.

      The thing about disagreement is if one thinks the other party a fool more than likely the same is thought of the other side. The only thing that remains are facts. However both sides have their versions of what those facts are.

      I can not change your mind by calling you stupid, mentally retarded or dolt but what I can do is present my case (not for you necessary because your mind is closed) but for whomever comes after to read.

      That person will see how I conduced myself and they will witness how you conduced yourself and they will judge who was the most rational in this argument.

      Therefore I'm not attempting to convince you that you are wrong. If the facts I state or the blogs I reference have truth that will be seen if not by you someone. If they don't have truth that will be seen too.

      However Obama could have ended this confusion long ago by releasing all of the information that is in question. Independent investigators would have been able to reach an unbiased conclusion concerning his eligibility. Obama chose not to he is the blame for this doubt.

      Given that he didn't release his sealed records the burden of proof is on him if he plans to get the millions of people like me to vote for him.

      Whatever you think of me or people like me we are doing you a service because we are attempting to hold this government accountable. The founders taught us to be ever vigilant and distrustful of government. You believe what you are told. Good for you. I think that is idiotic but makes no difference. When the true comes out and it will please contact me.

  5. The difference between us is I will respond with facts (mixed in with a hefty serving of insults) while you respond with citations to blogs, fing blogs man. Do us all a favor and take some medication and stop buying into internet hoaxes.

    1. scott,
      Your facts are Leftist talking points mixed with puerile posting board derisive epithets. Your closed minded Left-wing propaganda is droll and unsophisticated. Your discrediting of blogs out of hand is curious being that you have not cited one source with a link you simple make a statement and that statement in your eyes is a fact. That is laughable!

      The fact reminds that there is a person in the White house that claimed himself in a bio that he wrote in 1991 that he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii reference

      That's fact no pathetic claim that it was a typo or mistake is going to discount the fact that people who know about publishing know that that claim is a lie. Read the link I've provided and educate yourself.

  6. Nice to know you are cool with a cult member as your President who wears secret underwear and baptizes dead people, but no Obama is weird huh (I am joking but you get the point, your partisanship is showing you delusional white trash neckbeard).

    1. scott,
      I normally don't allow bigoted religious remarks to post. However I've allowed this one so all can see what type of person you are.

      In America there are no religious test for office. I imagine that was how the current person who "occupies" the White house got a pass on his Black Liberation Theology Church

      As for Partisanship pot calling the kettle!

  7. You cite Atlas Shrugged as a source, way too funny old man. If you want good conservative sources I will give them to you, try the Wall Street Journal.

    To start with he has posted both a Certification of Live Birth and a Certificate of Live Birth (stupid guy term would be "long form"). From state to state that definition changes, in some states that definition given is correct but go to the Hawaii department of Public health's publicly available website (I know liberal facts huh) and check to see if that is the definition (it is, but you will not trust me). Get a hobby. I was being bigoted but I did clarify that I was joking, I could care less that Romney is Mormon, and I grew up on the West Coast with tons of Mormon friends (wow that sounds like a I have a black friend defense but whatever). Love how in the same sentence you say you do not post bigoted remarks on the site and then make a bigoted remark on Obama's religion (I am surprised you do not think he is Muslim, so at least that is one conspiracy you do not buy into).

    "However both sides have their versions of what those facts are." That is how morons debate, facts are facts. You present none (where are your primary documents, pictures of my proof are publicly available along with the affidavit by Hawaii that the certificates provided are real and certify Obama was born in the State).

    Basic point, you refuse to answer the direct question, show me how his birth certificate that has been authenticated by the State of Hawaii is not real.

    1. It is not real it is a forgery as claimed by experts. Obama BC forgery This source is a news cite.

      If you mock it or deny it's validity you only further expose your unreasonableness and Partisanship.

  8. Facts come from, snopes, Hawaii department of health, politifact, Wall Street Journal, court filings by Hawaii, emails by Hawaii to the secretary of State in Arizona, Two separate official state documents widely avialable, and basically common sense.


    Most important one of a State in the United States of America officially certifying Obama being born in Hawaii (look up Full Faith and Credit Clause to that pesky US Constitution to understand why this is important).

    Even though two of those sources I am sure you will whine liberal on, I fail to see how Wall Street Journal or an official page from Hawaii are liberal conspiracies. This is all my friend, seek mental health and that is not an insult but a genuine plea to seek the help you desperately need. Most of this is common knowledge and easily available, while you provide YOUR OWN BLOG ENTRIES AND ATLAS SHRUGGED a site full of racism.

    1. scott
      I see now where your problem lies. You are convinced that your sources are more than opinion. They are not. You also suffer for the delusion that your source are more reliable than mine. They are not. Snopes is nothing more than a blog run by to pro Obama supporters, David and Barbara Mikkelson, yet you accept it’s conclusions because they match your convictions. That is the epitome of bigotry, which is close mindedness. Following are reference, which debunk snopes.
      snopes' bias

      snopes' bias
      Though the other site you named,, is a slightly better (just slightly) it is a left wing anti-conservative site, which of course you agree with. I’m sorry but I have to reject both these opinion based sources as biased and consistent in skewing information away from the truth. (no wonder you’re so confused) Therefore, it is not a whine to say that your sources have been debunked! Follow are reference debunking politifacts.
      politifact bias

      politifact bias
      Finally your reference is problematic in that it breaks the law that it is supposed to uphold. According to statue the department of vital records or it’s representatives can not disclose any information regarding records, here’s the law:
      §338-18 Disclosure of records. (a) To protect the integrity of vital statistics records, to ensure their proper use, and to ensure the efficient and proper administration of the vital statistics system, it shall be unlawful for any person to permit inspection of, or to disclose information contained in vital statistics records, or to copy or issue a copy of all or part of any such record, except as authorized by this part or by rules adopted by the department of health…
      For Hawaii officials to disclose any information on the birth certificate, which they did, violates the law.
      However in Obama’s case this department ignores the law and publishes a whole web page which in many parts violates their own mandate.
      In addition to that there is sworn testimony from a creditable eye witness who was employed in the Hawaii voter registrar’s office with access to the vital statistics records that there is no birth certificate for Obama. He has given a sworn deposition to that fact. Following is the reference

      Bottom line is the blogs that I cite are trusted well researched and dependable. You discount them ignorantly because you disagree with their content. Yet your sources are no better than the blogs you ridicule with disdain. Atlas Shrugs is a reputable blog. Your false charge of racism against it is ignorant. My own blog cites factual information and links to original stories and cannot be simply dismissed because you don’t agree with the content.

      Both my blog and Atlas Shrugs have years of investigative information , source materials and of course opinion that we have drawn from the evidence that we’ve investigated.
      Your information is no better that the blogs you attempt to discredit scott. In fact, snopes is a blog representing itself as an unbiased fact check source and politifact is a left-wing anti-conservative msm site. You knew that before you offered them that why you yourself cried, two of your references where unworthy and they are! Therefore, I reject your disdain for my blog or Atlas Shrugs as your ignorance.
      So now that I know what you consider to be fact I know that you are not only a religious bigot, after your anti-Mormon, anti- Romney remark, but you are also an ill-informed bigot who is incapable of learning.

    2. scott
      So hereafter I will treat you will the limited consideration that you deserve. Obama created this controversy when he decided to run for office knowing that in his early life he represented himself that he was born in Kenya Africa.
      Obama had help from the msm in 2008. They did not do one background check on him as proven by the Breitbart organization when they discovered the 1991 Obama bio which claimed that he was, “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” Which proves that, “Obama was born in Kenya” is not an internet rumor just circulating; the rumor was actually started and embraced by Obama in the similitude as Elizabeth Warren’s fake Cherokee heritage.

      Everyone knows that a personal bio is not released without the owner’s permission. And a bio is repeatedly fact checked. This one ran from 1991 to 2008 and in that time no one who knew Obama called and say, “Hey man your bio says you were born in Kenya, that’s wrong!”

      That is why “birthers” are the only sane people in politics. It is sane to ask questions when there are so many blaring inconsistencies in the Obama nativity story.

      Obamabots such as yourself are not going to stop the truth. And the truth is if Obama doesn’t release all of this vital records he will not be reelected and at some time he will be investigated and everyone who is complicit in this cover-up well be seen for the anti-Americans that they are.

  9. Also Breitbart's (may he rest in Hell) big government article you referenced even makes it clear that they are saying Obama is a liar but he was born in Hawaii. Even that insane site will not stand with you moron.

    1. Your hatred is showing scott. That's the problem with you Obamabots you hate the truth. Breitbart stated Obama lied by stating he was born in Kenya. Don't you get it? Obama has been passing that story around for years. I'll let that sink in... If you accept the fact that Obama is a liar as Breitbart clearly shows the only logical step is for Obama to be forced to show everything that is hidden or sealed that we can rightfully determine what is true and whether he is eligible to serve in the White house.

  10. Keep up the good work Alaphiah!. I've been called a birther moron for over three years now and proud of it. The leftist sheep have a mental disorder.
    It shows in their shrill and raving posts.