Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthers the Only Sane People in American Politics

What is interesting is the transformation of “reporting” instead of the investigative reporting of the Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein era the fundamental change we are witnessing in the media is a mindless regurgitation of narrative that may either be factual or Elizabeth Warren fiction.
This post is about reason and sanity. I believe we lost both as a people in America. I intend to use the “Birther” pejorative to show how stupid some of us have become.

First as I previously posted I am a proud “Birther.”"Say It Loud, I'm a Birther and Proud!" In a world that doesn’t and refuses to judge any of the sexual declivities that were considered unthinkable and taboo a mere fifty years ago I will not accept judgment or derision of my stated political position.

I will begin by stating in journalism the basic concepts of reporting are the concepts of what, when, where, why and how. Objectivity is the overarching principle that belies every reporting of the facts. Without objectivity and facts what is left is only propaganda not news reporting. A reporter is always looking for the facts and is willing to investigate a story in order to ascertain the facts.

Those on the Left-wing and in establishment media have abandoned these concepts altogether. Rather those concepts have been replaced by subjectivity and partisan politics in the United States media.

The establishment media spent the better part of the eight years of the Bush presidency attempting to undermine his administration and the remainder of the time openly campaigning against him supporting first Gore then Kerry. I don’t have to tell you that you saw that. Many of you were a part to that!

To say that the establishment media supported Barry Hussein campaign and is supporting his subsequent presidency goes without saying. It is just a fact that has been reaffirmed by many independent sources.

What is interesting is the transformation of “reporting” instead of the investigative reporting of the Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein era the fundamental change we are witnessing in the media is a mindless regurgitation of narrative that may either be factual or Elizabeth Warren fiction.

1991 Bio of future president Barry Hussein Soetoro which claimed he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii

This could be no more apparent than when new media Breitbart news reported that the President had represented for nine years that he was born in Kenya Africa. Of course this was done on a Literary Bio in order to sell books yet it was the president who is the original source for the born in Kenya meme not Donald Trump. The president’s agents used the Kenya born narrative from 1991 to 2008 until it was inconvenient to use.

So it is disingenuous for the president or his acolytes to attempt to paint “birthers” as crazy when the born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii narrative started with the president in order to sell books never imagining that this would one day come back and bite him in his lying posterior.

Birthers are merely asking, as every American should, for clarification of the facts. If the president and his agents have made murky his past, then unseal all of his records so Americans won't remain ignorant about who is occupying the White house. This is a national issue and a major constitutional problem.

No man Black or White should expect to remain in the White house with a secret past that only he presumably his wife, the State of Hawaii, people who may be controlling him and a few dead relatives know what's real about him.

A president is a national shared public servant. The American people have rights to information about the president. Surely the American people are entitled to information that would be requested and required on an application for employment from their Executive employee. This is what birthers are asking for. That is not crazy.

Finally “Birthers” are the only sane people in this matter. Where the establishment media has forsook the fourth estate and become errand boys and secretarial transcribers for this the president of their making, Birthers are asking the investigative questions that the fourth estate is supposed to.

Establishment media is taking the president’s narrative as he dictates it to them and they are repeating that story to the public. That is not reporting.

And on the other hand, either is being a birther a pejorative. Birthers are asking the investigative questions. These are questions that the American media wouldn’t ask. And in order to save face the media must mock birthers because birthers are showing that the media isn’t doing it’s job.

I’ll tell you what insanity is. A man has attained to the office of President of the United States of America, yet sufficient evidence suggests that he may have reached the office while being ineligible to do so but instead of attempting to investigate this constitutional crisis the media instead attempts to completely shut down any discussion about the subject by labeling those who are asking questions, crazy. That is completely insane.

That is also why birthers are the only sane people in American politics.


  1. You friend are an incredible moron, and not just because you have a different perspective than I do but because you refuse to accept a fact. You claim it has not been investigated, it has. What did birth Joe Arpaio turn up, a big fat nothing. He claims a scanned copy that should not be viewed as official in the first place because it is a COPY of the official document not the official document might be a forgery. Well, it would not matter in the first place. Hawaii has verified on numerous occasions that he was born in the state and the documents Obama has provided are official documentation, take a look at Article IV of you constitution to understand why this is important.

    Those are the reasons (along with countless others) that make you a moron open for mocking.

  2. Dear UNK name calling aside let's deal with just the facts. Either you or I or any of the over 300million Americans have seen the original of Obama's birth certificate. Therefore no one can say with certainty where this man was born. In fact he has presented three certificates claimed all of them were the original. And he has retracted at least two for updates and changes. You can't deny that.

    The bottom line is this, we now know that in 1991 the President represented that he was born in Kenya. Birthers didn't do that, he did. So for anyone to have questions why he did this is not moronic as you claim.

    To have questions concerning his sealed records including his birth certificate is what a normal inquisitive rational thinking human being would do.

    I am unapologetic for wanting the truth in this regard. It was the president himself that said only people who are afraid of the truth have something to hide.

    But for the sake of argument lets say I am a moron with a vote. And let's imagine there are hundreds of millions of others like me who have the same concern. Wouldn't a politician want to unseal all records to ensure that he would resoundingly beat Romney?

    The president said this race will be close why risk defeat? Unless of course there is something in those records that would ensure his defeat. Nevertheless he's not going to get a free pass on this issue as he did in 2008.

    Obama is the only president that has gotten this far without disclosing his past. There is something highly suspicious about a man who seals kindergarten records up through college transcripts.

    If the president continues to mock the American people by refusing to release these records he does so at his own political peril.

    Your phony contempt and derision will be met at the polls this November with a mighty voter reprisal. Americans will not be mocked by liars and imposters!

    We will see the proof we desire or Obama will not win reelection.

  3. Actually some of the 300 million have seen his original and I can say with utmost certainty where this man was born, Hawaii. Sure I will leave .0001 percent uncertainty because I guess it could be a massive cover up involving both parties, private citizens, the President's family, and public servants but that is very unlikely.

    The bottom line is Obama did not write that stupid blurb and the person who did has already admitted the mistake.

    His birth certificate is not sealed, he has released official copies the same as you would to prove your citizenship. Are you people really this dense as to think the state gives you the original document, it is always a copy. Even the original is a copy of the record on file, otherwise how would the state issue new ones to the huge amount of people who lose documentation? Every birth certificate is a certified copy of a document, get over it and learn how documentation works. Want to test this theory, go grab yours and look for a reference number and seal from the issuing body (either state of county). Look up the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the US Constitution if you need help with understanding why we have to accept official documents.

    I am not asking for an apology, I am mocking your stupidity, big difference.

    You morons (no need to assume for the sake of the argument, the fact that you buy into birther nonsense is proof enough) are not voting for him in the first place. The reason you allow this delusion to go on is an intense dislike for the President/Democrats that borders on insanity. I will not say you are all racists, but racism does drive the majority of you neck beards.

    It will be close and if Romney is smart he will distance himself from a position that moderates understand is stupid, once again the people who believe birther nonsense were not Obama voters in the first place. He did not get a free pass in 2008, he released the official document given by the state of Hawaii and people with functioning brains everywhere accepted it.

    Idiot, look up the federal law that makes student records confidential before spouting off stupid nonsense (see why I mock you, Obama did not have to seal the education records, they are by law private). George Bush only released his school records because someone illegally leaked them, otherwise other Presidents also keep this private.

    I will mock you, the President is mocking a small fraction of morons not the American people, as a whole the American people are far smarter than birthers.

    It is not phony, I really do hold idiots like you in complete contempt. This used to be funny, after four years it is no longer a funny topic, it is absurd.

    The proof is already widely available. The state of Hawaii has a public affidavit that states he was born in the State and verifies both documents Obama has released are official, your beef then lies with Article IV of our constitution, otherwise it is official. Lawyered son.

    1. Oh I get it you're one of the obamabots that search the net and attempt to shut down any reasonable discussion concerning the facts of Barry's sealed records and fraudulent birth certificates.

      Your desperation is palpable. If this information was not striking a nerve it would simply be ignored. I've noticed how irritated the presumed president is whenever this subject is broached. Your response is telling. The fake indignation and the threats of intimation are all part and parcel of the Saul Alinsky methodology of counter messaging.

      Thanks for the validation it's good to know that this subject is so detrimental to the usurper that he has to sic his "birther" dogs of disinformation on anyone who dares to expose his lies.

      Please keep it up you're good for business!

  4. Yes it has nothing to do with the link you posted on the latimes. Despite how stupid I find you people I will still read a source provided but when I got here it was a long opinion by a raving lunatic. Also I did not notice it was a blog and not a source until I was already here which made me post an angry yet factual reply.

    You noticing peoples anger is correct. I told you earlier that this used to be funny, laugh at that stupid and/or racist idiot spouting off insane "facts." Then four years pass and I have to either bite my tongue or piss off elderly conservative family members.

    Too funny that you see a conspiracy everywhere. I am fine with criticizing the president on numerous issues and while I am leaning Obama in the next election I might still vote Romney if the economy gets worse. Not an obamabot or whatever you people think is out there, just a guy who hates paranoid idiots thinking their delusion is real.

    1. Please see my current post in reply!!!

  5. Nothing seems to bring out the worst in leftists more than questioning the MESSiahs eligibility.

    Three and a half years of failed leadership and Socialist ideas help to prove Odumbo is a fraud that does not deserve re-election. He lies about everything
    else, so why not about his country of origin?.

    1. Funny I saw no defense of his policies in any post. I hate idiots not republicans.