Friday, November 23, 2012

Global Warming is a code word for One World Government

Be assured that coming within four years a president Soetoro backed law will impose an “Global warming” or “carbon tax” on the American people, middle class included, which will in fact be mandated taxes to fund the One World Government.
If all of the money in the world were collected and used to prevent Global warming, or as it is sometimes referred to Climate Change, not one Celsius or not one Fahrenheit of temperature would be lowered or affected. That’s right even if they wanted to (and they don’t) and if Climate Change were real (and it is not) World powers can't do anything to effectively control the weather.

They're talking about Billions to Trillions of Dollars in Copenhagen and who will control it. I can hear the naïve among us saying, “But, I thought they were there for Climate Change and saving the planet.” Yeah, right! More leaked information about Global warming. This time the “Danish text” was leaked to the press during the Copenhagen climate meetings and its content has nothing to do with phony science this time the leak has to do with phony intent. (see story) According to the “Danish text”, Global warming is not about saving the planet. No, on the contrary, Global warming is about enslaving the planet. Global warming is about enriching a few people with billions of dollars by creating a new world system. Call it Kyoto II, or call it cap and trade, it’s all the same thing! This is a scheme concerning American tax payers’ dollars to create an international trading market from which to buy and sell carbon credits. It is a market, which will be controlled by the European Union and the United Nations. What does all this money have to do with Global warming?

Now I’m not saying that climate doesn’t change. Since the beginning of the earth and until it’s demise the climate will change but not in the sense that Al Gore has suggested.

The carbon emissions of man or anthropogenic global warming are not what is causing “changes in the climate” scientists confirm that. Al Gore and his backers have positioned themselves such that if governments imposed carbon taxes on their people Gore and his fellow investors will profit trillions upon trillions of dollars in a new carbon exchange market much how stock markets around the world work.

The theory of Anthropogenic Global warming has been debunked with such profound scientific proof that in order for the masses to accept $45 trillion dollar tax rip off there has to be a name change. Climate Change is as good as any name because the climate does change and no one can disprove that! Why can’t you say Global warming anymore?

The second thing that would happen is trillions of dollars would be diverted to the United Nations and European Unions empowering these bodies to impose their international dominate over the United States and the whole world.

Just follow the money, oh you didn’t know? Regulating C02 has become a 30 billion dollar industry, which is projected to produce even larger usuriously high profits. This is a scheme cooked up by lawyers and executives who are using your fears concerning man-made global warming to herd you toward a new world market that you know nothing about and that they control. Yes this is One World government stuff and it is true and it is a part of an all too real threat to take control of Governments and industry making them subject to world marketeers they are already doing this to China and India. In order to make this plan work nation sovereignty must be stripped away and it all started with the Kyoto Agreement. Global Screwing: Who’s reality behind the Anthropomorphic Climate Change Scare?

What they are attempting to do is create a new income stream for an international unelected body in the United Nations and in the European Union. This is a new money exchange to rival the present world stock exchanges.

What Mr. Gore plans to do is pay for the privilege of polluting by buy carbon offset credits. Now that wouldn’t make the air any cleaner in fact Gore’s offset credits won’t do anything for the environment at all. But he buys the privilege to say that he’s doing his part. The Fraud that Al Gore took the initiative to create

This would be a new political world power the rival of which has not been seen. This is the stuff that the New World Order is made of.

President Barry Hussein Soetoro’s reelection was in fact funded by illegal internet donations of international moneys to help ensure that he would be in place to move this global agenda forward. Talks of Global warming have found new life because of president Soetoro’s reelection. (see story) As a result, the president is beholden to his international community. In fact these international types are frustrated with the U.S.’s lack of progress with climate change legislation and policies which equate into new international taxes (see story)

Be assured that coming within four years a president Soetoro backed law will impose a “Global warming” or “carbon tax” on the American people, middle class included, which will in fact be mandated taxes to fund the One World Government. This new government is the one based on International law and it is totally unaccountable to voters. This government is the one, which has been feared to come for so many years. The president is being to talk about it even now. (see story)

Therefore, know this, any talk of Global warming or Climate change is a ruse a farce. Anthropogenic Global warming or Climate Change is a cover for taking your money and using that money to fund a New World Order which will supersede America’s Constitution and the freedoms guaranteed therein.

If you are against these plans, you must resist any and all climate change policies and laws and you must get your government representatives to do the same.

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