Monday, November 26, 2012

Obamatax Justice Roberts Ends America

It was conceived be hide closed doors. Democrats, their acolytes, forced it on the America people and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, The Patient Affordable Health Care Reform Act or as Justice Roberts renamed it Obamatax. Now it is the law of the land.

This new medical tax is about to hit the very people that the president promised taxes would not go up one dime on, the middle class.(see previous post)

However, taxes are the least of the middle class’s concerns regarding Obamatax; you see Obamatax was a “Trojan Horse” for government expansion into and over the lives of the America people. This is an expansion of government power of, which the founders of this country warned.

This 2,074-page law has trap doors, secret passageways and bureaucratic empowerments, which entitles the government to strip you and me of the freedoms that were constitutionally guaranteed. But all of that is fundamentally changed now. (see 8:34min video)

Thank you Democrats, thank you president Barry Hussein Soetoro, thank you Nancy Pelosi, thank you Harry Reid and thank you Justice John Roberts, may you all go down in history as instigators of the most treacherous breech of Constitutional law in the annuals of American history.

May you all share America’s fortune!

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