Friday, December 21, 2012


How would you like to be judge at your own trial? Or how would you like to grade your own exam? That is exactly what the State Department has done.
Here’s something to contemplate. How does that person who wears that, “I’m with stupid” tee-shirt with the finger pointing right get someone to first put on the “I’m stupid” tee-shirt and then get that person to stand at the IWS shirt wearer’s right?

I’m asking this because at this point I’m ready to stand on Bill Maher’s left with my I’m with stupid tee on. Why, because if you can picture the scenario just mentioned my tee-shirt’s finger is point at him right about now because I find myself agreeing with something Maher says repeatedly.

Bill Maher has called the American people stupid several times and in this instance I am incline to agree with him.

You see Barry Hussein Soetoro’s administration has done an investigation on the murders of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens and the three members of his staff; Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods and what they have concluded only stupid people would accept as true.

The mandatory State Department internal inquiry into the deadly Sept. 11 terror attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, slams bureaucrats for “grossly inadequate” security but says that poor leadership could not be punished under department regulations.—Shaun Waterman

The recently released State Department internal inquiry failed to name who gave the stand down order that prevented armed forces from dispatching to protect Americans and American property. This finding must be quid pro quo for Hillary Clinton’s concussion and inability to testify before the Congressional hearing on Benghazi. (see stories here, here and here)

How would you like to be judge at your own trial? Or how would you like to grade your own exam? That is exactly what the State Department has done.

If Americans weren’t so stupid, we would have seen this coming. How so you ask? This is the same self investigative strategy that Barry Hussein Soetoro used when protecting himself from allegations that he was attempt to sell his vacated Senate seat when he was elected president. (see here, here and here)

In both instances, Mr. Soetoro was perfectly absolved of any relations to the scandal that would have engulfed a White Republican presidential candidate or a White president.

President Soetoro seems to remain hermetically sealed from the fetid stench of corruption that invades every space he goes. Such a feat is a tribute to the Chicago masterminds on which shoulders his lawless presidency stands.

However, what is most striking is the acceptance of such an obviously political partisan report by the media. That instance alone is indicative of media’s complicity in this lawless self-evaluating government as well.

It just occurred to me if you are reading this the world hasn't ended yet. Maybe there is still hope for us yet.

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