Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Republicans need a Loose Cannon!

A loose cannon is exactly what Republicans need. Over sixteen years of no return fire has left this country on the brink of economic, social and moral collapse. Over sixteen years of Moderate Republican ineptitude has left the Republican Party in shambles.
Years ago I wrote that Republicans appear to wage politics by their own backward fisted, put up your dukes, Gentlemanly Marquis of Queens-bury rules of politics while Democrats used their own brand of Mixed Martial Arts cage fighting tactics accompanied by an, “by any means necessary” attitude.

I must say my assessment was way off in one regard. Now that we've seen over 16 years of Democrat total domination of media, political policy and political messaging. I was spot-on in my assessment of the Democrat political war-machine.

However for Republicans I was wrong. Republicans are much worst than a handlebar mustached striped suspender wearing fighter of the 1800's. Republicans do politics like that little guy who gets sand kicked in his face by the big muscle bound beach bully. You know, the beach bully who steals the girl as Republicans helplessly and fecklessly stand by and watch.

After watching Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi eviscerate the Bush presidency with poisonous slander without Bush answering back and after watch Barack Hussein Obama push through every Democrat political goal. Goals which Democrats have been dreaming for, for the last fifty years against absolutely no Republican push back, I now know that at their very worst establishment Republicans are consenting enablers of the Democrat agenda. But at the very least Republicans are inept feckless politicians who couldn't politic their way out of a brown paper bag if the State of the Union depended on it!

Democrats fight for their agenda no matter how wrong it is. Republicans on the other hand worry what Democrats will think of them if they seem to believe in values that made this country exceptional. So Republican politicians will not fight for nor will they defend values that the Conservative majority of Americans support.

Recently Hillary Clinton turned her sights on Donald Trump by characterizing Trump as a, “loose cannon.” This is a bad thing? Democrats and their Republican counterparts really don’t understand the Trump phenomenon do they?

What they don't realize is for Conservatives it is not about Donald Trump. It is about the fight! The fight that moderate Establishment Republicans refuse to engage in. In a political war, which Democrats have used verbal bombs and political Uzis' against Republicans. Establishment moderates have turned the other cheek only to have all their cheeks repeatedly slapped.

When in power Establishment Republicans did not advanced a Conservative social agenda like Democrats who advanced their Progressive social agenda at every opportunity. No Republicans advanced a globalist agenda which weakened the American economy and opened the door for the progressive movement to take hold in America.

When Democrats attack Conservatives through their media, political policy and political messaging vanguard. Establishment Republicans stand at ease while losing the neo-Civil war without firing back one shot.

So when Hillary Clinton calls Donald Trump a loose cannon Conservatives don't see Hillary's characterization as a derogatory or overtly negative thing. No Conservatives have been watching, waiting for someone, anyone to fire back after sixteen years of unanswered Democrat warring against Republicans.

If Conservatives only have a loose cannon, then so be it. A loose cannon is far better than the nothing Conservatives have been used to from Moderate Republicans.

In 2012 Conservative Republicans sent Tea Party Republicans to the House and Senate to stop the Progressive Left's agenda as moved forward by Obama. Instead John Boehner Mitch McConnell Moderate Republicans shut the Conservative Republicans down. Then the Boehner McConnell turncoats sabotaged Conservative Republicans while supporting the Democrat radical Left-wing fundamental transformation of America.

Conservatives have been waiting for, no praying for some sort of return fire from the Republican Party only to get cautioned from Moderates that any return strikes will only lose the Independent vote or will give the media opportunity to blame Republicans.

Enter the Loose Cannon. He started firing back. He started dropping bombs. He started going against Moderate conventional wisdom of the Republican Party and he started winning.

Why did he start winning? Not because of who he is. He starting winning because what he did. He didn't abide by the establishment Marquis of Queens-bury rules of politics, no he returned fire.

Because he returned fire the bomb throwers on the left called Trump a “loose cannon.”

A loose cannon is exactly what Republicans need. Over sixteen years of no return fire has left this country on the brink of economic, social and moral collapse. Over sixteen years of Moderate Republican ineptitude has left the Republican Party in shambles.

So when Hillary says Trump is a loose cannon that is not a pejorative to Conservative ears. In an era of Democrat left-wing ideological political bombs launched at the American people a loose cannon is just what's needed to return fire on America's enemies both foreign and domestic.

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