Monday, November 21, 2016

Liberal Think Or the making and normalization of Alt Left ideology

So Liberal Think or Alt-Left ideology is everything that Liberals think and believe to be fact(s). This ideology was produced to be an alternative thinking-style from Conservative thought.
No one can dispute that America was a Conservative nation from the 1920's on. Starting in the 1960's Liberals use to demean Conservatism in this nation as the Leave it to Beaver or the Ward and June Cleaver Age. A point in time they vow they will never go back to.

So a steady move from Conservatism was cultivated by the Left to establish left-wing ideas and principles right along side Conservative principals already dominate within the culture. These original principles were not principles that had failed America by any means, however because the Left disagreed and disdained the ideas of Christianity, Americanism and Moral truth those principles, they felt, had to be first resisted and then ultimately destroyed so that their alt-Left worldview could gain equal standing with the tried and true principles that are already established in America.

Today after fifty-six years of regressive movement of the alt-Left and after electing for two terms the most radical alt-Left President in the history of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, the Left finds itself at a reckoning because the American people elected Donald J. Trump President instead of the alt-Left choice Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Many of us who for so many years were intimidated by the left into believing the alt-Left was attempting to accomplish equal protection under the law and fairness have come to realize the alt-Left uses a completely different lexicon than what is commonly used. Words and meanings the alt-Left employs are often codes and double entendre with which they use to subvert understanding.

For example, words like racist, homophobe, misogynist, xenophobe, bigot, anti-Semitic and White nationalist are used to denigrate the opponents of the alt-Left with the ideas these words initially conjure in the mind, e.g., Hater of other people's ethnicities, hater of other's sexuality, hater of women, hater of other nationalities, hater of people and ideas that are different than your own, haters of Jews and White Supremacist. However, what these words actually mean to the alt-Leftist(s) is the person or the people who the alt-Left is attacking are sworn and hated enemies of the alt-Left. The alt-Left will destroy these enemies with the vilest and vociferous attack words that they can employ.

So Liberal Think or Alt-Left ideology is everything that Liberals think and believe to be fact(s). This ideology was produced to be an alternative thinking-style from Conservative thought.

Liberals started creating a complete alternative world-view and lifestyle to justify what they do and what they think. Therefore now Liberals and Conservatives in an argument can no more agree on the reality of a given topic or issue than the Vandals and Gauls of antiquity could agree on a given topic or issue.

To be clear, what we all are witnessing is an alternative reality being embedded right along side the current American reality. The alt-Left wishes to have their ideas, values, and principles established along side Conservative values. Ultimately the alt-Left wishes to replace Conservative values in America.

With the two time election of Barack Hussein Obama, the alt-Left thought that they had succeeded. The election of Donald J. Trump and the defeat of Hillary Clinton shows that they have not yet completely succeeded. However, they don't see this as proof that the alt-Left is wrong. No on the contrary everything on the Left, their facts, their institutions, and their education-media complex tell them that they are facing racists, homophobes, misogynists, xenophobes, bigots, anti-Semites and White nationalists. What their reality tells them is they have much work to do to defeat the enemies whom they hate! Therefore they will not accept the Presidency of Donald Trump. This is war! And like Vandals they mean to scorch the earth until every last Gaul is destroyed.

Unfortunately, there are grave days ahead. In the streets of America, there will be blood. Not because Conservatives want it or will cause it. But like the name Vandal is synonymous with mindless destruction in antiquity so the alt-Left assumes the role of Vandals in our modern politics. Liberals and their acolytes have called for war in our society and they are now waging war on the American people to establish and normalize the alt-Left ideology in America. This is what you are seeing played out right before your eyes with every assassination of a police officer.

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