Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chavez a Real Dictator

Cindy Sheehan and Hugo Chavez

I bet Hugo Chavez is smelling sulfur right now and it ain’t coming from President Bush. Chavez who appeared at the United Nations earlier this year made overtly negative references against the President of the United States of America, references in which he equated President Bush with the devil.

The Venezuelan President must be really good at name calling because now he’s calling TV stations in his country enemies of the state and he’s shutting them down.

Now if President Bush did that, he would be called a Nazi, a Fascist, a Dictator… oh wait a minute President Bush is already being called all of those things for doing nothing at all so I guess that would make Chavez a Super Dictator, etc, etc!

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans marched in Caracas in a fourth consecutive day of protests over Chavez's closure of the RCTV network Chavez has had a long-running feud with opposition television channels, which according to him openly supported a coup against him in April 2002 and refused to show the massive mobilization of his supporters that turned the tide back in his favor. Now Chavez is attacking another news station Globovision.
"Enemies of the homeland, particularly those behind the scenes, I will give you a name: Globovision. Greetings gentlemen of Globovision, you should watch where you are going, I recommend you take a tranquilizer and get into gear, because if not, I am going to do what is necessary."—Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela
Gee CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, have done what amounts to the same thing against President Bush starting with the 2000 elections you’d think that being the dictator that President Bush is he would have shut them down by now and FOX news would be the only news network anywhere in the United States of America.
I’m guessing that the claims that President Bush is a dictator have been greatly exaggerated. I’m going to have to rethink what a dictator is, now that I see how a real dictator reacts to opposition.

I’m thinking that everyone who as called President Bush a dictator should take a good hard look a Hugo Chavez because he’s made a lot of friends on the left in this country. If this is the kind of man that you on the left support you might consider taking back all that you’ve said about President Bush.

You don’t wish to look too foolishly confused, now do you?

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  1. Com'on Chavez! Even you can't be THAT stupid! But it looks as though you are.

    The first step toward revolution, is to kill off the media.

    Keep walkin' man!