Thursday, May 31, 2007

More of the Same, from the MSM!!!

Just hours after I posted my "How Enlightening"
post; Financial Times creators, Andrew Ward &
Edward Luce in DC, and Fiona Harvey in London,
worm their way into the headlines with another
DECEPTIVE story about Bush.

"Bush in U-turn on global warming" What a
load of BS....... straight from the far left "potty
machine". The President has been promoting
limited carbon emissions in the US for years, and
the MSM well knows that. However, they always
manage to bring up the Kyoto accord, in order to
cast a shadow on him.

He refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol, because it
was as flawed as a Hollywood starlet, without
makeup....... and just as loose. Why should the
US be hog-tied to an agreement that allows the
"developing world" nations, to puke their totally
unmonitored emissions into the atmosphere, while
we have to spend millions upon millions to clean
up our act? He was right not to sign it.

Oh, and by the way......CLINTON REFUSED too.
Did you see anybody jumping on him? I didn’t!

So thats two for two for the MSM. Not only did
they misrepresent what President Bush said, they
totally ignored his statements over the years.

Also notice the MSM in lock-step
with the Democratic Congress, has been backing
away from "global warming" and cozying up to the
new, "accepted" terminology......climate change.
They make Al Gore proud!

Hey fellas’ ....... climate change has been going on
for millions of years. Get a clue!

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  1. Can't trust those guys brook, good post!