Thursday, May 31, 2007

How Enlightening............!!!!

In a perfect example of "the blind leading the halt",
Howard Fineman of Newsweek writes....."Al Gore
believes a steady diet of fact-free media is
dumbing down America and threatening the political

This is quite ironic, since the very media that is
printing the story is one of the top REASONS why
American has been "dumbed down". Since the
2000 election, the MSM has been relentlessly
against President Bush, for the sole reason that
they wanted a liberal in the Oval Office!

Gore of all people, should make a statement about
"fact free media" after he took full advantage of
the vicious and unproven accusations that he
and "The Party of Deceit" leveled at Bush and his

Now, suddenly he is concerned. Could it possibly
be that since FOX NEWS has become one of the
major players in the news media, he knows that
all of the lies and deceit perpetrated on the American
public by the Democrats, will not only be exposed
but believed by the electorate? (There go his
chances again!!)

Al, take a hint............. if you are sincerly "worried
about the media lying to America", stop feeding
it the pure, unadulterated crap that you do....starting
with your grossly exaggerated film on global
warming. We all know that the natural cycle of
earth for millions of years, has been to alternately
warm and cool. Next......... try not to talk so much,
about things of which you know nothing. THAT
contributes to global warming, in addition to the
"dumbing of America".



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